Saturday, March 24, 2018
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In 2001 we started the certification program to compliment our two consumers magazines, Poolsearch and Spasearch.

We offered a comprehensive customer service program tailored for manufacturers in our industry. Initially we had four companies that went through the process. In subsequent years we’ve added dozens more manufacturers. Today our program is known as the only independent third-party program within the swimming pool and spa industry despite numerous other quality awards that are offered by a variety of third parties.

In 2009 we expanded this program to include other home improvement categories based on our success in the aquatic industry. Again this program was well received and had a strong response among retailers who participated. This is particularly encouraging for a several reasons:

  • First, with over 3200 counties in North America in play, we have plenty of certified small businesses, professionals and service centers who cover zip codes even in the the most remote and rural communities.

  • Second, our program has proved to be an excellent way to help differentiate one business from another where many competitors share local geographical boundaries.  We have numerous testimonials from businesses that appreciate the demanding nature of the qualification. TradeCertified.com is a simpleand FREE way to identify local businesses who wins based on MERIT, not on what someone pays for an award.

  • Third, And maybe the most important accolade of all: Feedback from consumers has been fantastic.  Consumers love the fact we can provide them with a ‘short list’ of great local certified merchants to save them time from doing their own research.  Competition is great, but who has time to sift through dozens of companies. We usually provide between three to five local vendors.