Saturday, March 24, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these endorsements really independent?

Absolutely. This endorsement program is completely independent of our magazine business. In fact, we have third-party auditors review applications so there is no perceived conflict of interest or influence associated with someone who might purchase advertising from us.


How long have the endorsements been around?

Twelve years. 1999 was the first year we begin certifying businesses. Initially we focused on auditing swimming pool and spa manufacturers, then suppliers. Over the years we have continued to expand into new categories related to the pool in spa industry. In 2009 we expanded the TradeCertified endorsement program into a number of other home improvement categories.


How is our service different than the Better Business Bureau (BBB)?

The BBB is a terrific resource for consumers and we highly recommend using them to identify the major players in your local market. However, our service goes a step further. We work extensively to identify the best of the best in a market based on pre-determined requirements unique to the industry. For example, a recent web search of the keyword ‘pools’ found 69 BBB accredited businesses and 27 organizations with the keyword ‘spas’ for the city of Phoenix. Can you imagine getting bids from 96 businesses? We try to narrow the search down to three to five players.

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