Saturday, March 24, 2018

Additional Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Verify a Business is Certified?
The easiest way to verify certification is to conduct an online search of a local small business, professional or service center. This database is uploaded on a daily basis so be sure to check the directory frequently as businesses are added and removed continuously. THERE IS NO EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE. IF A BUSINESS IS NOT LISTED THEY ARE NOT CERTIFIED, HAVE LET THEIR CERTIFICATION EXPIRE OR HAVE BEEN DECLINED.

How Long Are the Audits Valid?
Each audit is valid for 12 months. It is very important to verify the local small business, professional or service center has won their certification.

Do You Guarantee TradeCertified™ Professionals?
We work diligently to do much of the leg work on your behalf and have found a strong correlation between superior customer satisfaction and businesses that follow a proven set of best practices guidelines. That being said, there is no sure thing when hiring any business. It is your responsibility to hire the most qualified business for your family. It is your responsibility to select a contractor and to negotiate the terms for any work performed, not that of TradeCertified.com. You should consult with appropriate expert advisers to assist in your home improvements or construction, including a lawyer regarding contracts, permits and other necessary job documentation, and an insurance professional regarding the contractor's and your own insurance coverage requirements.TradeCertified™ only performs initial screening of information provided by contractors or their agents based upon specified objective criteria. Further, due to the inherent time delay in the data gathering process, pending actions or other issues affecting a contractor's record may have occurred which were not captured by the third-party data sources used.


Who is Eligible to Participate?
Any small business, professional or service center in the United States and Canada.


How Do I Certify My Business?
If you are interested in becoming certified small business, professional or service center, please contact our office directly at 480-367-9444, option 2 for an application.


I have a Few More Questions?
Just email us or call us anytime Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm, Pacific Time at 480-367-9444.