Saturday, March 24, 2018

Why Trust Us

When Bigfish Publications began in 1998, we were a small, specialized publication dedicated to water therapy. Our mission was to help consumers sift through the potentially overwhelming range of options to choose from in the swimming pool ands portable spa market.

Today, twelve years later, our commitment to easing the hot tub purchasing process is stronger than ever. And we’re proving it to you by launching our new Spasearch Retail Store Certified™ and Poolsearch Certified™ Pool Builder endorsement program. Never before has a program like ours existed in the hot tub and swimming pool industry. Completely independent and based largely on customer surveys, the only way for a local retailer or pool builder to earn these coveted awards is to prove excellence on every level from business ethics straight through to consumer satisfaction.

All results are overseen by a team of third-party auditors, so you can be sure these certifications have been earned fairly rather than bought with advertising dollars.

When you see local hot tub retailer and pool builders displaying the Spasearch Certified™ and Spasearch Approved™ logos, you can rest easy knowing you’ve located the best of the best local merchants in the pool and spa industy.

410,000 and counting

We take great pride in the client feedback we receive from satisfied families all across the United States and Canada. Since 1998, we have referred more than 410,000 families considering the purchase of a swimming pool, hot tub or swim spa.

Share your purchase experience with us and our website visitors. It's your feedback that will help us continually improve this FREE service.

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