Saturday, March 24, 2018
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That's the most important question you should ask before hiring a local small business, trade professional, or service center.

Every business is going to tell you they have the best products, service and hundreds of happy customers. But rarely could these claims be substantiated, until now. Buying from a TradeCertified™ company means you have selected an elite local business, based on independent, audited criteria related to sales, service, operations and customer satisfaction.

Don't be fooled by aggressive salespeople who claim TradeCertified™ businesses win automatically just by paying the application fee. On the contrary, every application is reviewed for strict compliance so you can be sure the local business you are buying from won based on merit. That's our promise to you backed by the reputation of Bigfish Publications.

While it never is sure thing when hiring a contractor or tradesman, we work diligently to do much of the leg work on your behalf. We have found a strong correlation between superior customer satsfaction and businesses that follow a proven set of best practice guidelines, some of which are identified below.