Saturday, March 24, 2018
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Thank you for visiting TradeCertified.com!

Hello, my name is David Wood, I’m the founder and publisher for Bigfish Publications which owns and operates the TradeCertified endorsement program.

I would like to thank you for taking time to visit TradeCertified.com.  We are very blessed and humbled that we are growing quickly and take great pride in pairing thousands of families with TradeCertified local small businesses, professional and service centers throughout the United States and Canada.

Our TradeCertified service is very unique for three reasons:

1) We are a completely independent organization. Our entire business is based on our ability to say to with certainty that our local endorsement is won without regard to fees paid or advertising consideration. There's no smoke and mirrors. Our team works to identify businesses who qualify for the ultimate third party recommendation and then we help them collect the documents necessary to be reviewed by an independent third-party accounting firm.

2) We use independent, third-party accounting firms to validiate all applications submitted by businesses for accuracy and compliance. Essentially, THEY approve or decline the business and we report the results on our websites and in our publications. This removes any perceived conflict of interest when accepting a fee to complete the business review.

3) We won't waste your time. Some Internet sites list up to 700 firms in a local market. We are not simply a directory. Our team works diligently to identify the premier small businesses, professionals, and service centers and want to get our TradeCertified professionals on your radar without wasting your time. We never profile more than five businesses in a zip code based on the industry. That should give you a good variety of quality choices without forcing you to quit your day job just to research local pros.

That being said, I’m confident after you review our TradeCertified qualification standards, most of you will be very excited that our FREE service exists and hopefully you will bookmark our site whenever you need to hire a local TradeCertified small business, professional or service center.

We would love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us anytime.


David T. Wood

Publisher, Editor in Chief

TradeCertified Certifications

A little more background about me...

I’m a firm believer being upfront and promote complete transparency.  I think before you can make any educated decision about hiring a local TradeCertified small business, professional or service center, it’s important that you also have some background information about how we got into this business and more important, why our service is so unique.

I started Bigfish Publications in Scottsdale in 1998 after a number of  years working as an IBM agent in a sales capacity.  I sold corporate computer solutions to businesses with revenues of $5-200 million dollars in a number of industries including distribution, medical, manufacturing and retail.

In particular, I had great success selling software solutions to swimming pool and spa professionals back when multimedia video, integrated audio and the internet were something of a novelty.  As my reputation grew as an expert, I began speaking and selling this niche product throughout North America.  In my course of traveling, many people asked me what I did.  Instead of telling them my whole life story, I simply said I worked in the swimming pool and spa industry.

I was shocked to find so many people tell me that they always wanted to own a pool, but had no idea how to hire a contractor.  To my surprise, I found there were very few resources available to consumers to help them purchase a new pool or spa. 

I lived in Arizona, so of course we take pool ownership for granted as most families could simply ask a neighbor or friend about how to buy a pool or spa. However, if you lived in Michigan or New Jersey that same question might be much more challenging as you might not have any idea who in your neighborhood owned a pool or spa, hence the idea came about to create a magazine that is in essence a buying guide to assist homeowners ask the right questions before partnering with a pool builder in their local market. It was this opportunity that ultimately created the framework for us to create our first magazine, Poolsearch in 1999, dedicated to families evaluating the merits of swimming pool ownership.  This first title was quickly followed a year later with our second magazine called Spasearch devoted to spas.

In 2001 we started a certification program to compliment our two consumers magazines, Poolsearch and Spasearch. We offered a comprehensive customer service program tailored for manufacturers in our industry. Initially, we had four companies that went through the process. In subsequent years we've added dozens more manufacturers. Today our program is known as the only independent third-party program within the swimming pool and spa industry despite numerous other quality awards that are offered by a variety of third parties.

In 2009, based on our success in the aquatic industry, we expanded our certification program to include over 35 trade categories related to home improvement and service professionals. 

Today, Bigfish is one of the largest referral and independent certification services in the world.