Why Trust Us?

Fair Question. There’s no doubt there are dozens of companies that offer some type of award to businesses, but how many are legitimate?

Ask Yourself…
Can you name one company in the nation that fairly, accurately and independently evaluates swimming pool and spa businesses? 

When you really think about it, it’s hard the come up with a list. That’s our point. How do you know who’s good, who’s bad and who’s in it just for the money? The internet has complicated the situation even more with new sites popping up everyday that claim to be the authority on everything from pest control to purchasing a swimming pool.

TradeCertified is uniquely qualified to help you find best pool or spa companies in the world.

For 19 years we owned and operated four industry magazines: SpaRetailer, PoolPro, Spasearch and Poolsearch.

To further distance ourselves from any perceived conflict of interest, all four  publications were sold to  Kendrick Content & Consulting based In Norman, Oklahoma in 2018.  We have no ownership stake in these businesses.