Artesian Spas’ WaVS System


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Artesian Spas TidalFit swim spas are now equipped with the revolutionary WaVS variable-speed system. This cutting-edge technology is set to transform the way you enjoy your swim spa, allowing you to tailor your workout routines and target specific muscle groups to achieve your fitness goals. 

Personalized Fitness at Your Fingertips

The WaVS variable-speed system is all about personalization. Sam Collins, design engineering leader for Artesian Spas, explains that not all users have the same needs, and having the ability to accurately control flow rates from very low to very high is a significant advantage. This level of customization allows you to create an individualized swim spa experience.

A Game Changer in the Industry

The WaVS system gives users full control and flexibility. You can choose from standard workout routines or create customizable programs that suit your preferences. The system is managed from an easy-to-use touchscreen, making it a breeze to operate. Key features that set the WaVS system apart include:

Compact Size: The WaVS system features a pump that is 4 inches shorter than conventional pumps, saving space in your swim spa.

16 Speed Settings: With 16 different speed settings, you can fine-tune the water flow to match your desired intensity.

Energy Efficiency: The system is an impressive 10% more energy efficient compared to the competition, thanks to its electric motor. This means not only a better experience but also cost savings.

Quiet Operation: The WaVS system proudly holds the title of being the quietest pump in the industry, ensuring

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