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Spas and grills are backyard soul mates. Barbecues don’t take up a lot of space, don’t often need service or maintenance and are inexpensive. Find a hot tub retailer with grills available, and who sees their value just as much as spas, and you’ll be sure you’re getting a quality product.

The era of outdoor living

We are living in the Golden Age of outdoor accessories.

“Outdoor living is huge,” says Jeff Black of California Home Spas in Long Beach, California. “You can find patio furniture on top of the frozen food aisle at Ralph’s. It’s that sellable.”

Black says he saw the writing on the wall 20 years ago, when customers began asking his teams to pour extra concrete or wire extra electrical during spa installations.

“Their next stop was the barbecue store,” Black says. “Time after time, we’d hear that.”

Recognizing a change in consumer sentiment, Black began stocking high-end grills. Since then, that segment of the outdoor living market has seen explosive growth and innovation. “There were no high-end barbecues 20 years ago,” he says. “Now the market is flooded with them.”

Differentiating through service

As demand for high-end grills has skyrocketed, however, so has supply — and no matter where you live in the country, Home Depot is always just a short drive away.

But what Home Depot doesn’t provide, but many hot tub retailers that sell grills do, is ongoing service.

“Do you want a big cardboard box from Amazon showing up on your front

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