Caldera’s Utopia Series Hot Tubs


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Redesigning for Excellence

Caldera Spas understands the importance of continuous improvement, even in the face of record-high demand for hot tubs. In 2022, the company launched a redesign of its top-of-the-line offering — the Utopia Series, reaffirming its commitment to providing consumers with the best hot tub experience. The Utopia Series has always been a popular choice, and the new design aims to take it to a new level. One of the standout features is the addition of a light bar to the cabinetry, which has been well-received by customers. 


Evolving the Design Language

Caldera Spas’ product philosophy places a strong emphasis on design, and the Utopia Series is no exception. The redesign represents a significant evolution in the design language, enhancing the entire brand while appealing to a broader customer base. Now, consumers can choose from a family of spas that complement a wide variety of backyard styles and designs, ensuring that their hot tub seamlessly blends with their outdoor space.


A Hot Tub for Wellness Enthusiasts

The Utopia Series is tailored for those who are ready to commit to their wellness journey. Josh Michels, senior wellness consultant at Backyard Leisure in Illinois, explains that the ideal Utopia customer is someone prepared to go all-in on their well-being. This often includes experienced hot tub enthusiasts who understand the myriad benefits of regular hot tub use. However, the Utopia Series also appeals to first-time buyers who want to experience the ultimate in hot tub relaxation.



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