Caldera’s Utopia Series Hot Tubs

Redesigning for Excellence Caldera Spas understands the importance of continuous improvement, even in the face of record-high demand for hot tubs. In 2022, the company launched a redesign of its top-of-the-line offering — the Utopia Series, reaffirming its commitment to providing consumers with the best hot tub experience. The Utopia Series has always been a popular choice, and the new design aims to take it to a new level. One of the standout features is the addition of a light […]

Master Spas Chilly GOAT Cold Tubs

Master Spas is leading the way in the popularity of cold-water therapy with its line of Michael Phelps Chilly GOAT cold tubs. This innovative collaboration between Master Spas and legendary Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps brings you the ultimate cold-water therapy experience, designed to cater to everyone from professional athletes to wellness enthusiasts.   Michael Phelps’ Influence Michael Phelps, a name synonymous with swimming excellence, has used various cold tubs throughout his career. However, he faced challenges related to their size […]

Artesian Spas’ WaVS System

Artesian Spas TidalFit swim spas are now equipped with the revolutionary WaVS variable-speed system. This cutting-edge technology is set to transform the way you enjoy your swim spa, allowing you to tailor your workout routines and target specific muscle groups to achieve your fitness goals.  Personalized Fitness at Your Fingertips The WaVS variable-speed system is all about personalization. Sam Collins, design engineering leader for Artesian Spas, explains that not all users have the same needs, and having the ability to […]

Elevate Your Backyard Gatherings with a Pizza Oven

When it comes to enhancing your backyard living experience, a pizza oven might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but for those in the know, it’s an absolute game-changer. For consumers interested in turning their outdoor spaces into something extraordinary, a pizza oven is about much more than delicious, freshly baked pizza. It’s about creating a sense of community and transforming your backyard into a gathering space that will leave a lasting impression on your guests and […]

The Hot Tub Heating Revolution

Embracing Energy-Efficient Heat Pumps As the spa industry undergoes transformative changes, there’s a new player in town that’s making waves — heat pumps. These energy-efficient devices are rapidly becoming a must-have accessory for hot tubs, offering not just warmth, but also savings and sustainability.    The Rise of Heat Pumps: A Response to Global Energy Challenges The spa industry is in the midst of a notable shift when it comes to heating methods. Economic uncertainties and energy crises in Europe […]

Unveiling the Wellness Benefits of Saunas: A Path to Better Health and Relaxation

Step into the world of saunas, where ancient traditions meet modern wellness to set you on a journey of enhancing your well-being and increasing relaxation. Whether you’re a seasoned sauna enthusiast or new to the concept, the revival of these heat havens is backed by science and real benefits.   The Sauna Resurgence: A Historical Legacy with Modern Impact Saunas have been cherished for their wellness advantages for more than 2,000 years, particularly in Scandinavia. Today, saunas are experiencing a […]

Soak Up the Sun

Solar Power for Your Hot Tub’s Energy Needs As the green energy revolution gains momentum, hot tub owners seeking eco-friendly and cost-effective heating solutions are exploring the viability of solar power. Let’s dive into the world of solar energy to explore the potential benefits and challenges.  Heating a hot tub requires a considerable amount of energy, both environmentally and financially. In recent years, the popularity of alternative energy sources like solar and wind has surged, driven by their potential to […]

Discover MAAX Spas’ Exciting 16-Foot Swim Spa with New Features

With a commitment to enhancing your lifestyle and well-being, MAAX Spas has taken swim spas to the next level, introducing exciting new features to its 16-foot swim spa model that cater to fitness enthusiasts, relaxation seekers and those who appreciate cutting-edge technology.   A Strategic Move Pays Off As the world emerges from the challenges posed by the pandemic, MAAX Spas is reaping the rewards of its strategic decision to establish a swim spa-only factory in Ottumwa, Iowa. This move, […]

From Soaks to Sizzles

How Spa Dealers are Elevating Backyard Bliss with Grills If you’re someone who appreciates quality time outdoors, whether it’s soaking in a luxurious spa or firing up the grill for a mouthwatering barbecue feast, you’re not alone. The worlds of relaxation and outdoor enjoyment are merging, with spa dealers venturing into the realm of grills to provide a comprehensive backyard experience.    The Big Green Egg Connection David Townley, the visionary behind Townley Pool and Spa in Little Rock, Arkansas, […]

Discover the Innovative Aqua Swivel Seat for Hot Tubs

Hot tubs have a unique way of blending relaxation, health benefits and quality time with loved ones. But what if there was an accessory that could enhance the hot tub experience even further, especially for those with mobility issues? Introducing the aqua swivel seat, a revolutionary invention born from a remarkable story of love, innovation and healing.   Tom and Donna Kelsey: A Tale of Resilience and Innovation Tom and Donna Kelsey’s journey with hot tubs took an unexpected turn […]