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Swim spa users often find removing their swim spa cover to be a cumbersome task. New Zealand-based Vortex Leisure, the mastermind behind Spa World and Vortex Spas, has come up with a revolutionary solution — the ClearLift automatic cover lifter. 

Existing cover lifter options are known to have various drawbacks such as being clunky, manual, view-blocking, nonaesthetic or expensive. ClearLift was specifically developed to address these challenges and make swim spas more accessible by eliminating the pain point associated with the removal of heavy, awkward covers.

Affordability and User-Friendly Design

ClearLift not only boasts a user-friendly design but also tackles the affordability challenge. According to Andrew Pullen, managing director of Vortex Leisure, similar lifters often cost more than 50% of the swim spa’s price, but ClearLift’s pricing hovers around 15%, achieving one of Vortex’s main goals — making this innovation accessible to a broader audience.

The key to ClearLift’s advantages lies in its fully automated and mechanical operation. Users simply turn a key to initiate the lifting process. This automation ensures that the cover folds off the back of the spa, positioning itself flush with the edge. This feature not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also ensures an unobstructed view and easy access from three sides.


Security and Longevity Benefits

The turn-key feature not only keeps the cover securely closed but also prevents unauthorized access, offering peace of mind to spa owners. “If you’re worried about the kids getting in there when you’re not around or the

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