Dealing with Your HOA to Install a Hot Tub or Swim Spa


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Best practices for communicating with your HOA 

Dealing with homeowner associations (HOAs) can be challenging when it comes to installing a hot tub or swim spa on your property. By understanding the best practices for communicating with your HOA, you can increase your chances of getting approval for your hot tub or swim spa installation.


Understanding Common Issues with HOAs and Hot Tubs

HOAs have different rules and priorities, which can lead to misunderstandings when it comes to categorizing hot tubs and swim spas. Some HOAs mistakenly classify them as above-ground pools, leading to denials of installation requests. It is important to educate your HOA about the distinctions between hot tubs, swim spas and above-ground pools to avoid complications.


Reviewing HOA Agreements

Before purchasing a property with an HOA, thoroughly review the HOA agreement to understand the rules and regulations regarding hot tub or swim spa installations. Familiarize yourself with the specific requirements and guidelines outlined in the agreement.


Communicating Effectively with Your HOA

When approaching your HOA about installing a hot tub or swim spa, it is essential to be prepared and respectful. Avoid using terms like “pool” or “above-ground pool” in your discussions and official requests. Instead, refer to the unit as a swim spa to prevent misconceptions and preconceived notions that may arise. Face-to-face meetings can be more productive and understanding, so consider arranging an in-person meeting with your HOA representatives.



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