Discover the Innovative Aqua Swivel Seat for Hot Tubs


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Hot tubs have a unique way of blending relaxation, health benefits and quality time with loved ones. But what if there was an accessory that could enhance the hot tub experience even further, especially for those with mobility issues? Introducing the aqua swivel seat, a revolutionary invention born from a remarkable story of love, innovation and healing.


Tom and Donna Kelsey: A Tale of Resilience and Innovation

Tom and Donna Kelsey’s journey with hot tubs took an unexpected turn that would eventually lead to groundbreaking innovation. Tom, a dedicated truck driver with over 40 years of experience, shared his life with Donna, who assisted with the paperwork of their small trucking company. Their lives changed forever in 2013 when Donna’s foot was tragically severed in a semi-truck accident. Thanks to skilled doctors, her foot was reattached, but the incident marked a turning point in their lives.

The accident ignited Tom’s compassion and creativity, driven by his desire to enhance Donna’s quality of life. As proud owners of a hot tub, Tom was determined to find a way for Donna to safely enjoy the soothing waters without the risk of further damaging her foot. His dedication resulted in the creation of the aqua swivel seat, a brilliant attachment that eliminated the need to climb over the hot tub’s edge. This adjustable seat, capable of 360-degree rotation, not only became a solution for Donna’s aqua therapy but also evolved into a product designed to assist seniors, veterans and athletes in their

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