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In the realm of hot tubs, convenience and ease of use are paramount. However, one aspect that has often posed a challenge for hot tub enthusiasts is the manual operation of spa covers. Enter the ConvertALift, a revolutionary automated spa cover lifter system from Hot Tub Products, poised to transform your hot tub experience like never before.


Revolutionizing Spa Cover Technology

Hot Tub Products unveiled its latest innovation, the ConvertALift, an upgrade to its existing spa cover lifter systems. Unlike traditional manual lifters, the ConvertALift boasts remote-controlled automation, allowing users to effortlessly open and close their spa covers with the simple push of a button, right from the comfort of their homes.

According to Andy Tournas, president of Hot Tub Products, the ConvertALift addresses a longstanding issue in the industry — the cumbersome nature of spa cover operation. “I think the lifters [on the market] provide a certain amount of ease, but never to the point that the customer is actually satisfied, and we feel we’re bringing it to that level,” he says.


Advanced Technology for Enhanced Accessibility

The ConvertALift employs cutting-edge technology akin to actuators used in automotive applications and yacht engine rooms. Powered by twin electronic linear actuators, this system can effortlessly handle the weight of spa covers and opens in a mere 17 seconds, ensuring swift and hassle-free operation. The remote works up to 150 feet away, but it can also be controlled by turning a key on the spa side control.

Moreover, the ConvertALift

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