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For years, BioLab’s SpaGuard water care line has epitomized premium spa care, offering a range of solutions to elevate the hot tubbing experience. Now, the company is introducing a game-changer — rapid-dissolve tabs designed to redefine convenience and precision for spa owners.

One recurring headache for many owners has been the precise dosing of chemicals.

“We looked at some of the pain points customers have, and one of those is figuring out exactly how much [product] they are supposed to add,” says Brian Trenck, technical services manager for BioLab. “It’s teaspoons, it’s tablespoons, it’s ounces, it’s fluid ounces — there’s a lot of discussion.”

Enter the rapid-dissolve tabs: a single-dose solution offering a hassle-free approach by simplifying dosing to just one tab per 300 gallons, one of the most common spa capacities. “It’s hard to be one-size-fits-all, but you can definitely be one-size-fits-most,” Trenck says.

The suite of SpaGuard tabs includes alkalinity increasers, pH decreasers, stain and scale tabs, shock tabs and chlorinating tabs (not yet available in Canada), taking spa owners from start-up to draining. While most people think of traditional tabs as slow-dissolving, the SpaGuard tabs dissolve quickly, as the name implies — typically anywhere from three to six minutes when applied to the filter as instructed, allowing the product to begin working immediately.

SpaGuard’s innovation extends its benefits to swim spas, traditionally even more difficult to correctly dose.

“A swim spa, for the most part, is no different than a normal spa,” Trenck says. “It’s just a

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