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Hot tub owners are constantly on the lookout for innovative products that can elevate your hot tub experience without adding to your energy bills. From solar-powered lights to snow-melting mats, these low-energy, high-impact items enhance your backyard oasis.

1. Illuminate your nights with solar-powered lights

According to Kathi Belcourt, director of sales and service at Aqua-Tech Pool, Spa, and Home Renovation in Winnipeg, Manitoba, solar-powered lights are a game-changer. They not only add aesthetic beauty to your hot tub area but also contribute to safety, helping you get in and out of the spa securely. Aqua-Tech offers various Hampton Bay solar lights and trendy solar string lights from Brightech, providing both a modern and traditional touch to your backyard. Belcourt emphasizes the magical effect of lighting.

“When you put up your Christmas tree, if you just add ornaments, it’ll be pretty, but as soon as you add lighting, it’s magical,” she explains. “Your backyard is the same thing. Your yard is lovely when you illuminate it. Once you actually get lights, you can’t go without them.”

Because Belcourt uses solar lights at her home, they’re always on when the sun is down.

“Even if I’m just doing dishes in the kitchen, it brings me joy to look out into the yard and see that warmly lit welcoming space,” she says.

2. LED lighting for special effects

For customers looking to install low-energy lighting upgrades, LED lighting is an excellent choice. LED lights offer special effects such as light shows and

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