Manage Your Spa Water Chemistry with Sutro’s Smart Monitor


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Ensuring safe water in your hot tub doesn’t have to be a hassle, thanks to Sutro’s innovative Smart Monitor. Created by founder and CEO Ravi Kurani, this cutting-edge device simplifies water chemistry management, revolutionizing the maintenance process for spa owners.

The Genesis of Sutro’s Smart Monitor
Kurani’s journey began with a vision for water safety, inspired during his tenure at First Light Ventures and Village Capital in India. Observing a gap in products focused solely on water filtration rather than monitoring, Kurani embarked on creating the Sutro Smart Monitor,
leveraging his engineering background and industry experience gained from working in his father’s pool and spa supply stores.

Simplified Water Management with the Smart Monitor
The Sutro Smart Monitor is a discreet yet powerful device that floats effortlessly in your hot tub or pool, conducting microscopic water tests three times a day. It analyzes crucial parameters like pH, free chlorine, bromine, total alkalinity and temperature, relaying detailed results directly to the Sutro App. Spa owners can check past and current test results on the app, receiving all data needed to optimize their spa’s water with the help of their chosen retailer.

Kurani emphasizes that spa owners aren’t expected to be experts in water chemistry. “[Spa owners] have day jobs,” he says. They live in this house, hoping to have a [backyard spa] — not to be chemists, not to be biologists.”

With the app’s easily interpreted readings, hot tub owners know when something is off. The Sutro Partners Portal allows customers

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