Mold Meltdown


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For many spa owners, the fight against flakes in their spa water is a familiar and persistent battle. They drain and refill the spa only to find that a few weeks later, the flakes have returned. Even after incorporating a plumbing cleanser, these flakes endure. After so many cycles without results, some owners just resort to selling their spas.

So what causes these flakes and how can spa owners rid themselves of this problem? 

It starts with white mold, which is an airborne spore that thrives in wet or damp areas such as garden hoses, dehumidifiers, spas, pools, children’s bathtub toys and hot tub filters that are reinstalled while not completely dry. In spas, it usually takes the form of flakes that resemble pieces of skin or tissue paper in the water, but sometimes the mold takes the form of salt, sand or even a pastalike substance.    

 White mold can affect even the best-cared-for spas and can:

Develop in spa plumbing from the time that the spa was wet tested at the factory to the time it is filled up in the client’s backyard, or even in the time between when it was drained in the showroom and is delivered.   Occur if a spa has been drained and left empty for a few days. Be introduced to the spa when it has been filled from a garden hose that has developed white mold. Enter the spa water from children’s pool toys that had white mold.  Drift into the spa

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