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Watkins Wellness, the parent company to Caldera Spas, Hot Spring Spas and other well-known brands, has been pursuing innovation in the world of hot tubs since its first product in 1977. Amid its successes, a persistent challenge lingered: simplifying water care for consumers.

“Second to price, fear of water care is the biggest barrier to entry for our category,” says Caitlin Woelfel, director of brand and channel marketing.

The team at Watkins Wellness was determined to find an answer and is now releasing a breakthrough product in the category: FreshWater IQ, a combination of the FreshWater Salt System and the new Smart Monitoring Sensor.

At its core, Freshwater IQ is a meticulous caretaker, continuously monitoring a hot tub’s water every hour and offering precise recommendations on maintaining its balance. Andy Ordonez, director of product management, explains the system tests pH, chlorine and salt levels and is designed specifically to complement Watkins’ FreshWater Salt System.

“We wanted to focus our innovation efforts on how to make water care — which is the hardest part of spa ownership — easier and less time consuming for the customer,” says Steve Stigers, executive vice president. “So [FreshWater IQ is] this groundbreaking innovation we’ve come out with. There’s nothing else in the world like it.”

According to Woelfel, the patented system uses a unique sensor electrode that allows for the combination of many sensors and test parameters in a compact size. The sensor is integrated into the design of the Hot Spring Highlife and

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