Red Light, Green Light


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When most people envision relaxing in a hot tub, images of powerful jets and steaming water come to mind, but Jacuzzi is hoping to revolutionize that idea. In July 2023, Jacuzzi introduced its new J-LX Collection of hot tubs that use light therapy to provide an entirely new way to incorporate wellness.

Each product in the line features infrared and red-light therapy as a standard feature. Infrared therapy is a relatively new, light-based method to treat pain and inflammation in the body.

Unlike harmful ultraviolet light, infrared enhances cell rejuvenation.

Invisible infrared light is delivered to the body at wavelengths that promote cell regeneration and repair, and it can penetrate deep layers of the skin, providing pain relief. Similarly, red-light therapy is a type of light-based treatment that may help muscle tissue, skin and other parts of the body heal, but unlike infrared therapy, red light is visible, and the therapy is more suited for use on the surface of the skin. These therapies can help with everything from reducing inflammation and pain to promoting blood circulation and improving cardiovascular health.

Erica Moir, vice president of product marketing at Jacuzzi, notes both features are integrated into FX-IR therapy seats in the J-LX hot tub models, along with hydromassage. The company also plans to include the technology in the J-400 product collection and Jacuzzi products that will launch in January 2024.

“This new feature is exclusive to Jacuzzi brand products globally and is patent pending,” Moir says. “We are so

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