The Hot Tub Heating Revolution


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Embracing Energy-Efficient Heat Pumps

As the spa industry undergoes transformative changes, there’s a new player in town that’s making waves — heat pumps. These energy-efficient devices are rapidly becoming a must-have accessory for hot tubs, offering not just warmth, but also savings and sustainability. 


The Rise of Heat Pumps: A Response to Global Energy Challenges

The spa industry is in the midst of a notable shift when it comes to heating methods. Economic uncertainties and energy crises in Europe have prompted both spa manufacturers and retailers to reconsider their heating options. Josh Hoots, the heating product manager at Hayward, a renowned pool and spa equipment manufacturer, notes, “We are seeing a shift in the market toward heat pumps as a viable heating option across the board. The technology is catching up with the market need.”

The increasing cost of gas has led to the shutdown of public gyms, hotel pools and spas in some regions. In certain countries like Germany, the use of hot water in public buildings has even been banned. This energy crisis has given rise to the adoption of heat pumps, especially in European areas where electricity costs have soared. Greg McConnell, chief revenue officer at Gecko, a Canadian spa products and solutions company, explains that heat pumps are no longer optional; they’ve become a necessity to combat rising operational costs. 


Heat Pumps: Transforming the Hot Tub Landscape

In the past, hot tubs primarily relied on gas-fired heaters for warmth. Later, electric spa packs entered

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