The Ultimate Swim Spa Sanitizing System


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When it comes to swim spas, finding the right sanitizing system has been a long-standing challenge. Swim spa owners have often grappled with using chemicals not designed for their specific needs. That was until King Technology, a Minnesota-based innovator in the hot tub and swim spa realm, stepped in with a groundbreaking solution: the FROG @ease Sanitizing System for Swim Spas.


Innovating Swim Spa Care

At the core of this revolutionary system lies the translucent SmartChlor cartridge, a standout feature allowing users to effortlessly monitor the remaining product, ensuring they never unexpectedly run out. Each cartridge offers an impressive three to four weeks of usage, maintaining the high standards set by FROG’s @ease hot tub product.

Alex Granlund, King Technology’s product marketing manager, emphasizes the system’s compact size as a remarkable achievement. “I’ve tested it myself and with different types of swimmers with multiple swim spas,” he says. “It [also] fits really well underneath the cover.”


Unparalleled Functionality

King Technology invested extensive time in research and testing, ensuring optimal performance across a broad spectrum of water temperatures, from 80 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes the system compatible with various swim spas, accommodating water volumes of up to 3,000 gallons.

Utilizing FROG sanitizing minerals and SmartChlor technology, this system significantly reduces chlorine usage by up to 75%. With self-regulating capabilities, the SmartChlor technology maintains a consistently low free chlorine level, ensuring water quality without the harsh effects of excess chlorine.


Hassle-Free Maintenance and Sustainability

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