Wintertime Peace of Mind


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As temperatures drop, the risk of spa freeze damage becomes a concern for hot tub owners. However, there’s a revolutionary solution that offers both monitoring and thermal backup protection — The Spa Dragon. Let’s delve into how this innovative system can protect your hot tub from costly repairs and provide you with peace of mind.

Believers in action: A success story

Jordan McCrimmon, owner of SweetWater Pool and Spa in Kelowna, British Columbia, is already a believer in The Spa Dragon. Having sold several since its release in August 2023, McCrimmon shared a success story that highlights the product’s effectiveness. A customer’s spa broke while they were on vacation, posing a risk of freezing pipes and damage to components. The Spa Dragon kicked into action, heating the spa cabinet to prevent freezing and immediately alerting both McCrimmon and the homeowner. This proactive approach allowed McCrimmon to schedule a maintenance call before the customer even had a chance to contact him, showcasing the time-saving and peace-of-mind benefits of The Spa Dragon.

Understanding The Spa Dragon: What sets it apart?

The Spa Dragon is a versatile device that can be placed inside any spa, monitoring the temperature of the water, spa cabinet and outside air. If the water or cabinet temperatures drop below the level set by the owner, it activates a heating unit that keeps the cabinet and all the electrical and plumbing equipment from freezing. It then notifies the homeowner and up to four other people that there is

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