Sweat it Out

  Things are heating up in the Master Spas and Michael Phelps partnership. Earlier this year, Master Spas announced the

Mold Meltdown

For many spa owners, the fight against flakes in their spa water is a familiar and persistent battle. They drain

Meaningful Moments

In its first overhaul in more than a decade, Sundance Spas released its redesigned 880 series in February with updates inside and

From Hot Tubs to High Peaks

When Sky Matula envisioned the sixth showroom of The Hot Tub Store in Santa Rosa, California, he didn’t settle for

The Rise of Swim Spas

In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in swim spas, a versatile vessel offering relaxation, fitness and

From Manual to Magical

In the realm of hot tubs, convenience and ease of use are paramount. However, one aspect that has often posed

Watt’s Next?

In the world of hot tubs, the issue of energy consumption has become a growing concern for both retailers and

Illuminate and Elevate

Hot tub owners are constantly on the lookout for innovative products that can elevate your hot tub experience without adding

Wintertime Peace of Mind

As temperatures drop, the risk of spa freeze damage becomes a concern for hot tub owners. However, there’s a revolutionary

From Teaspoons to Tabs

For years, BioLab’s SpaGuard water care line has epitomized premium spa care, offering a range of solutions to elevate the