[Norman, OK, June 5, 2023] – Bigfish Publications, the former owner of TradeCertified™, is pleased to announce the successful sale of TradeCertified™ to Kendrick Content & Consulting on May 1, 2023. This acquisition ensures the ongoing commitment to fair, accurate and independent evaluations of swimming pool and spa businesses.

TradeCertified™ is a renowned endorsement program that has been operating for 18 years, offering consumers a reliable resource to identify the best pool and spa companies in the world. It is unique in its ability to provide unbiased evaluations in an industry where trust is paramount.

“We are thrilled to pass the torch of TradeCertified™ to Kendrick Content, a company that shares our dedication to providing consumers with trustworthy information,” says David Wood, the founder and publisher of Bigfish Publications. “With its expertise and commitment to maintaining TradeCertified™’s independence, we are confident that the program will continue to thrive under its stewardship.”

TradeCertified™ stands out among other industry awards by employing a rigorous evaluation process that ensures endorsements are won based on merit, without any influence from fees or advertising considerations. The program works closely with independent third-party accounting firms to review the documentation submitted by qualified pool and spa businesses.

“We are honored to take on the responsibility of TradeCertified™ and its mission to help consumers make informed decisions,” says Megan Kendrick, president of Kendrick Content & Consulting, which owns industry magazines SpaRetailerPoolProSpasearch and Poolsearch. “We recognize the importance of maintaining TradeCertified™’s integrity and will continue to uphold the highest standards in evaluating and endorsing pool and spa businesses.”

TradeCertified™ serves as a facilitator, assisting businesses in obtaining independent reviews based on merit and publishing the results for consumers to draw their own conclusions. This approach sets TradeCertified™ apart from other resources by offering an extra layer of evaluation and ensuring that endorsed businesses meet strict criteria.

To verify a business’s certification, consumers can conduct an online search on TradeCertified™’s website. The audits conducted by TradeCertified™ are valid for 12 months, ensuring that certified businesses maintain their commitment to excellence.

TradeCertified™ also emphasizes the importance of dealer standards, ensuring that consumers choose a TradeCertified™ company based on independent, audited criteria related to sales, service, operations and customer satisfaction. These standards include an established business history, superior customer feedback, a permanent retail location, industry training, business affiliation, adherence to consumer rights, sourcing quality products, maintaining adequate inventory, employee training and being a responsible corporate citizen.

For more information about TradeCertified™ and its services, please visit their website at TradeCertified.com.

About TradeCertified™:

TradeCertified™, previously owned by Bigfish Publications and now acquired by Kendrick Content & Consulting, is an independent endorsement program that evaluates swimming pool and spa businesses based on strict criteria. With 18 years of experience, TradeCertified™ helps consumers identify the best pool and spa companies by providing unbiased evaluations and ensuring businesses meet high standards of excellence.